About Lymphoma Canada

Information. Help. Hope.

You don’t have to face CLL or SLL alone. Lymphoma Canada connects patients, their families and friends, medical professionals, researchers, volunteers, and donors to build a strong community.

  • A community that conducts research to learn lymphoma’s causes, to develop better treatments, and to find a cure.
  • A community that helps people talk about and cope with the fifth most common cancer in Canada.
  • A community that invites you to get and give support.

Lymphoma Canada is the only national charity in Canada that focuses solely on lymphomas and CLL. All of our resources are derived from Canadian statistics and feature Canadian specific information.

Our Mission

Empower patients and the lymphoma community through education, support, advocacy, and research.

Our Vision

Life unlimited by lymphoma.

For more information about our educational and support programs, please visit lymphoma.ca or call 1.866.659.5556.

To support the continued development of resources, such as The Watch & Wait Tracker, please consider a donation to Lymphoma Canada. Click here to donate.